PORTFOLIO MANAGER (1999 to 2001)
J.P. Morgan Fleming Asset Management, New York, N.Y. A $650 billion (assets) money manager.

  1. Analyzed and traded Asset-Backed Securities for the $3.2 billion ABS portfolios.
  2. Promoted to lead the Chase Long Term Credit Research group supporting all long term, dollar denominated, fixed income activity. Portfolios spanned high grade as well as high yield.

PORTFOLIO MANAGER (1993 to 1998)
MBL Life Assurance Corporation, Newark, N.J. A $12 billion (assets) life insurance and annuity company.

  1. Responsible for the $6.2 billion General Account (Corps, RMBS, ABS), managed an investment group.
  2. Tripled our exposure to ABS over a four- year period; diversified sectors, credits and risk tolerance.
  3. Researched, prepared and delivered a review of then-current investment guidelines and their impact on returns to the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors. Successfully recommended changes in policy guidelines to allow the Portfolio Manager the option to increase allocations to lower rated credits.
  4. Designed, created and managed a $120 million immunized fixed income portfolio for the Employee Retirement Plan. Worked with software to measure the duration, convexity and value of assets and liabilities. Prepared and delivered periodic reports for the Board of Directors of the portfolio.

Home Life Insurance Co., New York, N.Y. A $4 billion (assets) mutual life insurance and annuity company.

  1. Sourced, analyzed, evaluated and documented public bonds and private placements for a $2 billion portfolio. Interfaced directly with sell side contacts to solicit investments and execute transactions.
  2. Analyzed, recommended and completed purchases of structured finance securities backed by assets such as manufactured homes, credit cards, CBO’s and mortgage-backed securities.
  3. Generalist credit orientation. New investments in the public and private markets were made in both the investment grade and less than investment grade areas.
  4. Completed private placement transactions, primarily of less than investment grade quality. Directly responsible for the credit, structure, pricing, terms and documentation.
  5. Managed and trained junior analysts in the areas of private placements, public bonds and preferred stock.

TIAA – CREF, New York, NY. A $250 billion (assets) mutual life insurance and annuity company.

  1. Analyzed, evaluated and documented private placement transactions. Purchases ranged in size from $6 to $50 million. Structures included convertible subordinated debt, project financings and LBO funds. Prepared credit memos supporting these transactions that were presented to the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors.
  2. Generalist credit orientation. Monitored an existing portfolio of private placement transactions for financial performance, modifications, waivers and amendments.
  3. Quoted in the Wall Street Journal; Dow Jones Newswire; Asset Securitization Report




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